Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jeffrey Would Pay Big Money ...

... for three more episodes of a certain high school chemistry teacher gone to the Dark Side.

Jeffrey Katzenberg told a packed audience at Mipcom today that he offered the folks behind Breaking Bad $75M to produce three additional episodes of the hit series.

But he had one criteria: They would have to be delivered in 30, six-minute chapters.

The DreamWorks Animation chief said he would have used the content to create “the best pay-per-view scripted TV event ever” by releasing the snippets over 30 days on VOD platforms like iTunes for 99 cents per. “There’s no doubt people would buy it every day, everyone would be there waiting for the next six minutes,” he said. The self-confessed fan said he came up with the idea prior to learning how the show would end. Given the ultimate demise of its central character, it was “not a very good idea, as we now know,” Katzenberg laughed. ...

One thing about Mr. Katzenberg. He's open to new approaches and possibilities.

And Jeffrey stays flexible to new opportunities as they present themselves. Like for instance, DreamWorks Animation laid off 340+ feature animation employees near the start of the year, and now is looking to hire a lot of artists for its budding television division.

What one hand sweeps off the table, the other hand puts on the table.


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