Friday, October 11, 2013

"The Animator", March 1946 - pages 7 and 8

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And here are the last two pages of the Screen Cartoonists Guild monthly newsletter, from the second month of 1946, when World War II vets were still returning home ...

The single most interesting aspect (to me anyway) from these last two pages? The dark-haired gent, second from left, in the page 7 photograph is E. Cardon Walker. Card started at Disney as a mail sorter, then became a camera operator, moved into advertising and sales after World War military service, and end up Chairman of the Board of Walt Disney Productions after Roy Disney Sr.'s death.

The story goes that Walt wasn't keen on having Card being in the top spot, but Walt died in 1966, and Card ultimately ascended to the Disney pinnacle in 1971 ... after Walt's older brother Roy went to his reward.

(Card had been at the studio about 5 years -- counting time off for the U.S. Navy -- when this photograph was taken. Card retired as CEO in early 1983, but stayed on as a director for many years. He died six weeks shy of his 90th birthday on November 28, 2005.)

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