Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Creative Work

... on an animated feature.

... Writer/director Jennifer Lee and songwriter Kristen Anderson-Lopez talk with Kim Masters about the backstory behind the creation of this new Disney classic. One 'aha' moment came when Anderson-Lopez, writing with her husband, Bobby Lopez (Book of Mormon, Avenue Q), wrote the song Let it Go. Lee discusses how that anthem crystallized the movie for everyone at the studio and how she rewrote the script because of it.

Changes and reworkings come from many sources and directions. The process never really changes.


Grant said...

it's a dreadful song. All of them are. Just awful. the movie would have been better without them.

Anonymous said...

Said no one ever.

Steve Hulett said...

I liked a lot of the songs.

I had some issues with story/script, but not the songs.

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