Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ten Slots, Two Cartoons

And here is your projected weekend box office (including Martin Luther King holiday):

1). Ride Along -- Estimated 3-day Cume: $35M / Estimated 4-day Cume: $40M to $45M / Wk 1

2). Lone Survivor -- 3-day Cume $22.6M / 4-day Cume: $26.6M / Wk 4

3) The Nut Job -- 3,427 theaters / $4.7M Fri. / 3-day Cume: $18M to 19.4M / 4-day Cume: $24.6M to $25.9M / Wk 1

4/5). Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit -- 3-day Cume: $15.8M to $16M / 4-day Cume: $18.6M / Wk 1

Frozen, (DIS) -- 3-day Cume: $12.7M to $12.9M / 4-day Cume: $17.6M to $18.7M / Wk 9

6). American Hustle -- 3-day Cume: $9.8M to $10.3M /4-day Cume: $11.7M to $12.2M / Wk 6

7). Devil’s Due -- 3-day Cume: $9.1M to $9.3M / 4-day Cume: $10.4M / Wk1

8). August: Osage County -- 3-day Cume: $7.4M / 4-day Cume: $8.8M / Wk 4

9). The Wolf Of Wall Street, -- 3-day Cume: $6.5M to $7M / 4-day Cume: $8.2M / Wk 4

10). Her -- 3-day Cume: $4M / 4-day $5M / Wk 5

Frozen continues to hang in nicely, even as it closes in on the tenth week of release.

The other interesting factoid is, the Canadian/Korean co-production The Nut Job which has received less than middling reviews, nevertheless opened in the #3 position.

So I tend to doubt the circulated wisdom that the deluge of animation has quenched the public's thirst for cartoons.


Alex Dudley said...

I doubt people will be claiming animated movies are "devouring each other" this year. According to the schedule, and ignoring limited releases, animated movies will be released three to five weeks apart from each other, allowing each one a chance to perform well without intense competition at the box office.

Steve Hulett said...

The point I've made (multiple times) with reporters who've called is that NOBODY ever says:

"The reason that Live-Action Movie X didn't perform well at the box office is there are too many live-action movies in release.

Yet the media says this about animated features over and over again. (And yeah, I know that Chris Meledandri was quoted saying the very thing last summer, and that gives the meme credibility.)

I think Meledandri is one of the most skilled animation execs out there, but I STILL think the analysis is wrong, because much of the evidence points the other way. Look at the animated movies over the past year, then look at the box office. Audiences aren't getting tired of theatrical animated features.

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