Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Retro Games

Video games: becoming like colorized versions of 1930 cartoons.

The gamer in the family (not me) thinks this is a cross between "Metal Slug," a video game from the nineties, and a Lantz or Disney short from the bottom of the Depression.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Metal Slug, at least the earlier games, always felt pretty unique in the animation dept. what with rescuing long-haired POW's who give you something, salute you, then run away in glee! I wish there was an animated version of that game already (hear me SNK Playmore?).

While I enjoyed what they were doing here in the animated stripes of Cuphead (not to mention the slight off-registered Technicolor look of the visuals alone), I do wonder why do we need CRT scanlines on this? We shouldn't be reminded as if we're watching a DVD on an older TV set of a game resembling a cartoon made 80 years ago.

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