Thursday, January 30, 2014

From Art Director to Novelist

Aureleio O'Brien is the author of multiple sci fi/fantasy novels. ...

Of course, in some corners of the known universe, Aurelio is known as Brian McEntee, the production designer/art director of Beauty and the Beast, Ice Age and other popular animated entertainments. He's now published GENeration ExtraTERrestrial, a wide-lense epic that details what happens to alien outsiders who "must cope with parental love, sibling rivalries, peer pressure, and try to fit in, stand out, and make their way in the world, a world that is not really theirs."

GENeration eXtraTERrestrial is brilliantly written. It is the sort of book that gives you a tiny sense of loss at completion just because the characters are such fun to spend time with. I cared, I laughed… a lot. It is clever, intelligent, funny, heartwarming, and one of my favorite reads this year.

-- Paul Manchester, AKA Wil Whimsey — artist, storyteller, and poet

(I've read the book, like it a lot, and since it's just come out in larger format paperback, recommend it here.)


Grant said...

He's Hot!

Unknown said...

LOL--not the reaction I was expecting but nice of you to think so.

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