Sunday, January 05, 2014

The 2014 Guild Holiday Party

TAG party throngs the Autry.

The first Animation Guild holiday parties (then called "Christmas parties" because they were held prior to Christmas) took place at the Guild's smallish offices on Ventura Boulevard. President Emeritus Tom Sito recalls: ...

[I] attended my first Union party in N.Y. in 1976. I got so wasted, I think John Celestri carried me home (I was MUCH thinner then!) My first union party in L.A. in 1978 at the old union hall in Studio City next to the drag bar, a few Mexican animators from H & B got drunk and started beating each other up. I heard later the fight broke out because one was insulting the Mexican state of another. "All you Jalisco guys are donkey-dung!" or something to that effect.

Ben Washam (union prez in 1949) once told me, "Any union party that doesn't end in a fistfight in the parking lot wasn't any good." ...

This year's party didn't end in any fistfights, but I think most participants had a good time. The weather was good, the food was plentiful, and we had (as you can tell from the photographs) a reasonably good turnout.

TAG officers were busy most of the night, handing out 2014 TAG artist calendars, also flyers about upcoming craft meetings. If you didn't make the party, well, there is always NEXT year.

The crowd downstairs.

Calendars at the front table. Animator/Director Dave Block on left, board member and Disney story editor Nicole Dubuc on right. TAG Vice-President Jack Thomas (with glasses) in background.


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