Thursday, January 23, 2014

New ADHD Product

I put this sample up for a couple of reasons:

1) The divergent comments.

On Crunchyroll they lurch between horrified and dismissive:

That's 2 1/2 minutes I'll never get back. Badly animated and voice acting was only so so. It's supposed to be a funny parody but it just felt flat to me. ... I can see why they're comparing themselves to those shows...I can see multiple elements from all those anime seemingly copy and pasted in lol ... Bleh. I didn't find it entertaining or worth 2 minutes and 26 seconds of my time. ... etc.

On YouTube they are (marginally) better:

this was random and accurate in all the right ways. ... I feel like this could turn into a successful echi anime series ... Fuck this family guy channel show I will rather see the new spongebob ep and PAC man show then this shit ... and so on.

2) We are working to organize ADHD.

Last time we checked, the company paid sub-par wages and offered no health coverage. (Now that it's January and we've entered the Age of the Affordable Care Act, we'll see if this dynamic still holds.)

As is often the case, a number of employees are not thrilled with the money or working conditions, but hunker down with nose to the whirling stone because a lower-paying animation job is still preferable to no job at all.

Even so, if you are one of ADHD stalwart employees, give us a call. We're as interested as ever in bringing sunlight and roses into your lives. We'll do everything we can to see that you get a leg up in this industry of cartoons.


Unknown said...

Oh, I'm sure they'll be clamoring to sign rep cards after that wonderfully condescending post of their efforts.

Steve Hulett said...

Funny thing. Twenty years ago, Film Roman employees were ticked when President Tom Sito berated them for not signing rep cards.

So they worked for sub-par wages for years and years. That showed us.

I know some of the folks working at ADHD. They care. They're hard-working. They're getting abused. Whether a short they created gets negative reaction on the internet shouldn't alter the fact they can do better wage wise if they take a bit of action.

So no. I don't buy the meme: "The union was mean to us on the internet. So we choose to keep working for crap wages!"

Unknown said...

Hmmm. So history proves that by insulting a studio's workers, they would rather forgo their own financial self-interest, than sign with the organization that insulted them.

And you expect this to again be your strategy to winning the hearts and minds of new prospective members?

I imagine ADHD management must be dancing with glee, hoping for more such posts.

Steve Hulett said...

For the record, Dr. K., I didn't dis anybody.

I noted the comments in the linked YouTube and the article, and quoted them.

I've done this organizing thing a long time, and you know what? The post above won't make any difference in when ... and if ... ADHD goes union.

Sito's letter to Film Romanians ticked a lot of them off a the time. But it didn't make a difference in the time frame of organizing. Know what it took to tip the scales? It took Ricky Reynis, seventeen years on, blocking a lot of laid-off FR employees from getting jobs on "Family Guy," and making them realize (finally) that management wasn't looking out of them.

And finally! Rep cards!

If you think this post is going to make some kind of major difference, you're delusional.

Unknown said...

I certainly hope you're right.

Steve Hulett said...

Since my comment above is chock full of typos and I can't correct them, I'll do it here:

1st sentence: "Sito's letter to Film Romanians ticked a lot of them off AT the time. ..."

Last sentence, same paragraph: ..." and making them realize (finally) that management wasn't looking out FOR them."

Some day I will learn to PROOFREAD before hitting the "publish" button. (Or not.)

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