Friday, January 03, 2014

Movers and Shakers

You can go over to The Hollywood Reporter for the video.

Roundtable: 5 Top Animators on the Good and Bad of Celebrity Voices and Creative Input From Their Own Kids

CHRIS WEDGE: Can I tell you something? I don't know what movie Chris [Meledandri] and I were working on, but I said, "When are they going to give us a green light on this thing?" And he said: "You're working on the movie. A green light? You're making the movie."

CHRIS MELEDANDRI: We call that a rolling green light -- it just sort of evolves. On our first movie, Ice Age, Chris [Wedge] was focused on this notion of this mythical green light. So on one of my trips back to Blue Sky Studios, I said: "OK. Well, we're going to have a little meeting. We're going to have a little ceremony." So [Chris] had taken a lamp, and he had put some green cellophane around the bulb. And then we did the actual lighting of the greenlight ceremony, which I'll never forget.

WEDGE: People cheered. ...

Funny how the media (entertainment and otherwise) treats animation more seriously now. Like it doesn't have to sit at the kids' table anymore.


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