Sunday, January 19, 2014


An investment magazine asks:

Why has Pixar remained hesitant to produce series television? ...

Pixar doesn't really need to.

Because there's this other Disney subsidiary called Disney Television Animation that's producing series television.

Further, there's this other small screen division called Disney Toon Studios that's producing lwer burdget features and shorts. John Lasseter runs it.

Pixar can produce television series and specials any time the Mother Mouse so orders. Not really a problem. But since the Emryville outpost just closed its Vancouver studio, they'll have to do the teleivsion work in the bay area.

And (most likely) India or Asia.


Chris Sobieniak said...

The overseas route is always going to be picked.

consultaespecialistas said...

Pixar wants to maintain its illusion of royalty. The illusion that its creations, like a comet, are a rare occasion that can’t be missed. That perception is something that can’t be maintained in television. If people get a weekly dose of Woody, Remy or Wall-E, the characters lose their mystery. These occasional specials and shorts are Pixar’s way of expressing interest in television without actually getting into the medium, and thus allowing them to maintain the mystery behind their creations. consulta online medico online pediatra online medico online doctor online dermatologo online veterinario online veterinario online doctor online consulta online abogado online abogado online abogado online abogado online abogado online psicologo online doctor online psicologo online abogado online abogado online Pixar has nothing to prove to any of us, and while we may truly want a Pixar series, the likelihood of it happening seems slim-to-none. Pixar is a film company that likes to dabble in television, perhaps one of the last of a dying breed. Dreamworks is an animation company that’s more interested in throwing projects at the wall and seeing what sticks, and for them, that model has proven to be very lucrative. But anyone hoping for a future with a weekly does of Pixar should probably stop holding their breath.

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