Sunday, January 19, 2014

Worldwide Animated Box Office

...Rentrak style.

Weekend Foreign Box Office -- (World Totals)

Frozen -- $24,600,000 -- ($759,102,000)

The Nut Job -- $0000 -- ($20,550,000)

Boonie Bears -- $15,000,000 -- ($15,000,000)

Despicable Me 2 -- $9,000,000 -- ($954,165,385)

Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf 6 -- $5,000,000 -- ($7,000,000)

You'll note that Frozen is thundering toward $800 million, while Despicable Me 2 is making a run at an even billion dollars. (Not bad for a small American animation company and Parix cartoon studio.)

Meantime, Boonie Bears, the first Chinese CG animated feature has collected $15,000,000. The picture is based by a wildly popular Chinese television show of the same name, and appears to be performing briskly in the Middle Kingdom. Pleasant Goat a hand-drawn feature from another Chinese television series has lots of head-banging mayhem:

Big Big Wolf had been physically assaulted with a frying pan on at least 9,544 occasions, the government news agency Xinhua reported on Monday.

Meanwhile, Pleasant Goat had been boiled alive in water 839 times and received no fewer than 1,755 electric shocks. ...

But you gotta give audiences what they crave, don't you?. Because of either A) the violence or B) the hand-drawn format, Goat seems to be a pale shadow beside Bears.


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