Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mining Every Vein of Gold

We'll see if this falls flat or not:

... Wednesday [Disney] said it would be releasing a special sing-along version of its animated blockbuster [Frozen0 in about 1,000 theaters on Friday, Jan. 31. ...

Diz is going retro, doing its update to Mitch Miller (the sing-along king of the early sixties), getting kids to buy a ticket and follow the bouncing ball snowflake.

Might work out, might do a face plant. We'll know soon enough.


Justin said...

My kids have seen Frozen twice already and are very excited about the sing-along. We've already bought tickets to the sing-along at the El Cap.

Steve Hulett said...

If there are enough other kids, significant coin could well be made.

Which is the idea.

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