Friday, January 10, 2014

Mojo's Predictions

Here are the Mojo's prognostications for the next two days of turnstile action:

Box Office Forecast (Jan. 10-12)

1. Lone Survivor - $23.1 million
2. Frozen - $15.3 million (-22%)
3. Wolf of Wall Street - $10.6 million (-20%)
4. The Hobbit - $9.2 million (-41%)
5. American Hustle - $8.7 million (-30%)
6. Her - $8.1 million
7. Hercules - $8 million
-. August - $5.1 million
-. Llewyn Davis - $3.3 million

You will note that Frozen continues to hold well. To date it's taken in $302,590,988 at the domestic box office, which has prompted reporters to call and ask:

How could this happen?

A: Audiences like the story and characters.

Does this cause any angst at Pixar?

A: I have no idea. I'm guessing John Lasseter and Ed Catmull are happy either way. I DO know that morale has risen inside the Hat Building.

Will Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios be merging?

A: No. Diz Co. is THRILLED with two high-grossing cartoon nameplates. Why would they want to erase one of them?

(Why a scribe thinks I have the inside dope of Diz Co.'s next corporate move is a mystery. And why somebody would think two thriving animation subsidiaries would meld into one, after each division had hits, is a riddle wrapped in fog bank of "Whaaa?"

If Pixar and Disney Features were ever going to merge, it would have been some years ago, when Disney Feature Animation was flat on its back. But now? Don't THINK so.)


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