Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pitching Shorts

Nick wants submissions.

Nickelodeon announced today its call for submissions for its 2014 global Animated Shorts Program, which is designed to identify and develop new animation talent and provide a platform for new content for kids. This year’s program marks the third year for domestic pitches and the second annual call for international submissions, continuing the search for a new set of creative voices and visionaries.

The network will choose a minimum of 10 pitches to be developed into shorts that will appear on air, on and on the Emmy Award-winning Nick App. These shorts also have the potential of becoming long-form animated series on Nickelodeon. In 2013 Nickelodeon took over 1000 pitches worldwide for the program. ...

Soliciting shorts ideas got rolling when Fred Seibert was the head of Hanna-Barbera twenty-odd years ago. At that time, there were invitations for staff artists to bring in ideas, and the ones that found favor would be green lit for production into shorts.

Then, the Guild had some ambivalence regarding the thin money that was involved. Now, TAG still isn't crazy about the size of payments for some step deals that come out of various shorts program. On the other hand, it's a way for new talent to break through, and that part of it is a good thing. Lucrative careers have been launched via the H-B shorts program ... the Nick shorts program ... the Cartoon Network shorts program ... (etc.)


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