Friday, January 03, 2014


Even in the good old days, when we like to think it was about the art, it maybe wasn't.

Were you always mindful that P. L. Travers was on the ropes financially when she finally relinquished the rights to “Mary Poppins”?

Thompson: I think that’s a vital part of the story. She was alone.

Hanks: Know what? No one knows what they [P.L. Travers and Walt Disney] said to each other when push came to shove, but I’m almost willing to bet that it was all about money. “Hey, look, doll. You’re going to be an old bat and die here all by yourself. Don’t you want to have a bunch of money in your pocket? Well then, let me make the movie.” I’ll bet you anything that’s what went down. ...

I don't think the motivations of human beings change very much from century to century. I'm willing to be that in Byzantine courts there were the same desires for fame, riches, security and sensual pleasure that people have now.


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