Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Job creators, they always respond in a positive way to free money.

... Quebec Premier Pauline Marois was in London on Monday to announce that one of the largest visual effects companies in Europe, will be opening an office in Montreal.

Cinesite, a London-based company that specializes in the production of visual effects and animation for film and television, is behind the digital special effects in blockbuster films such as Harry Potter and X-Men.

The move is expected to create around 200 jobs in the city, with the possibility of 50 more by 2018. ...

“Montreal and London are the best city’s in the world to make a movie and visual effects.

“This burgeoning creative hub, combined with the investment support offered by the government of Quebec, makes it the ideal location for us."

Damn straight it's a great place. The province is eager to shower Canadian looneys on you. Why wouldn't you want to come?

Free enterprise!


Unknown said...

Here is some recent data on incentives from the Manhattan Institute:

The important question is: do these incentives pay off for the states?

The answer is no. Similar to most targeted tax breaks, movie production incentives routinely fail to deliver on the economic promises made by their proponents. Supporters frequently claim movie incentives create jobs and lead to net gains in tax revenue. However, data from several states find movie production incentives generate less than 30 cents for every lost dollar in tax revenue.

The full article:

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