Monday, September 14, 2015

2015 Wage Survey

We have now finished tabulating the 2015 wage survey, the complete breakdowns and totals for which you will find here.

Some highlights:

2015 Median Wage Rates

TV Directors -- $2,414.06

Feature Board Artists -- $2,227.27

TV Production Board Artists -- $2,000

Character Layout Artists -- $1,900

Rough Layout Artists -- $2,250

Previs Artists -- $2,273.68

Art Directors -- $2,312.50

Visual Development Artists -- $1,981.82

Production Designers -- $2,235.31

Tech Directors -- $1,932.63

3D Animators -- $2,021.05

Although we received the highest number of returned survey reports (1,293) that we've ever had, the percentage total was lower than last year. (2015=30%; 2014=33%).

Reason for the divergence of numbers? This year,we sent out a thousand more survey questionnaires.

From last year's survey to this year's survey, 34% of the categories were down, while 66% of the categories were up.

And if you're wondering why some reported wages are below listed journey minimums, it's because

1) Some non-signator studio rates are included in the mix.

2) The listed minimums are journey rates, and some reported wages are for lower-tier minimums ("first six months", "second six months", etc.)

But the above wages will give you a pretty good snapshot in time about what's going on with pay levels at Los Angeles animation studios.


Joel Fletcher said...

Typo... you show the Journey minimum instead of the median for 3-D Animators. Rates are low enough without that kind of slip! ;-)

That being said, the Wage Survey is always a useful indicator of the industry. Thanks for putting it together.

Steve Hulett said...

Egads! You're right!

Typo now corrected (three hundred dollars higher.)

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