Monday, September 28, 2015

Thirty and Out ... Maybe

Al Jean of The Simpsons says thirty seasons for the yellow family is good.

...Q: You're renewed through season 28, with the cast signed on with options through season 30. Do you want to do more after 30?

AJ: It's quite possible that we don't have to go through the whole negotiation for 30. I wouldn't be stunned if we stopped at 28, but my bet is on at least 30. But then you'd have to resign them again. If you made me pick one, I'd say the likeliest is ending after 30, but I've been wrong before. I thought five seasons was good when I got there. (laughs) ...

The thing of this is, if the ratings are there and the money is there, The Simpsons will go on past thirty.

Who knows? They might even do another full-length theatrical motion picture.


Darrel said...

Agreed...Al Jeans tweeted this right after that article came out...^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Chris Sobieniak said...

Always the ratings.

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