Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Box Office Prediction

The trades tell us:

After three up weekends in a row, September moviegoing continues to clickety-clack with Sony Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 2 set to take No. 1 with a FSS in the low $30Ms, maybe $40M. If the Adam Sandler vehicle hits that high mark, attribute it to the fact that there hasn’t been a full-bloodied studio family toon in the market since Universal’s Minions. ...

There hasn't been a new animated entry in months, so the market place can't be saturated* with cartoons. I'm expecting Transylvania to open higher than a paltry thiry million. We'll see.

* Satirated = one long-form cartoon stifling another in the movie marketplace. This actually happens less often than when one live-action movie hurts another live-action movie. But the media goes for the simple, brain-damaged explanation, so what do you do?


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