Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wage Hikes and Retroactive Pay

Here's a narrow-cast: On August 27th, the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, complete with wage bumps of 3% in each of the next three years, was ratified resoundingly by Guild membership.

Which means that the new wage minimums were officially in place as of August 27th, 2015.

We're getting inquiries about when these raises materialize on paychecks. Well, they should materialize NOW. If you're working at your classification's minimum in one of the signator studios, you should see a boost NOW.

So are you? ...

Reports I received from one studio last week is, yeah, the boosts are happening. But understand the way this works:

Sometimes wage hikes to minimums don't show up until mid-September or October.

From our perspective, there is no reason for delays. The new rates have been known since freaking July. And the new rates were circulated by TAG and the AMPTP months ago. But the same thing happens every three years. The pay-boosts take effect; nobody sees the effect until weeks and weeks later.

If you haven't seen a hike in salary, it could be you that

You are over-scale and no increase is due.

Or it could be your employer hasn't gotten around to it yet.

When the studio ultimately does get around to increasing the minimums, you should also get a check for retroactive pay back to August 2nd.


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