Thursday, September 24, 2015


The tv cartoon version of The Guardians of the Galaxy premieres day after tomorrow.

... [The television show] respects the success of the movie, but also has its own personality and storyline,” Eric Radmomski, Senior VP of Animation and Development at Marvel, told me about the show. “I think [fans] are going to be pretty pleased with what we’ve done. We’re confident this deep into the production that the show holds up and the storytelling is pretty solid and especially the ensemble cast, they just really brought the characters into the animated world without doing a direct lift or interpretation of the voices. They really capture the personality in all of their performances.” ...

Pre-production on TGOTG (boards, designs, animation direction, etc.) is done at Disney's Prospect Avenue studios in historic east Hollywood. Grey's Anatomy used to be a neighbor on the lot (with the writers' room in a hundred-year-old bungalow), along with the daytime soap General Hospital.

Warners has a long, successful history with animated super heroes. Disney has now plunged into the game with cartoon action adventures of its own, but its got a ways to go to match the WB track record.


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