Friday, September 04, 2015

Good Box Office, But Not Great Overall Results

It turns out robust box office numbers were only wonderful for a chosen few.

Summer Box Office Poised To Be 2nd-Best Ever, So Why Isn’t Everybody Happy?

Despite all the great news about how this summer’s $4.36 billion box office is a 7% boom over last year’s dumpy ticket sales, several studios aren’t sharing the wealth in a season where Universal and Disney ruled 60% of stateside ticket sales. As of today, summer 2015 currently ranks third behind 2013’s record $4.77B and 2011’s $4.405B, however pundits think it will fly past that latter figure by the end of Labor Day.

Eight films out of the top 12 that cleared $100M+ were either Universal or Disney releases. Compare this to 2013, when 19 $100M-grossing titles were spread among the majors. ...

Let's see.

Disney had Inside Out and Universal had Minions. Those two offerings certainly helped the bottom line. And then there was that other animated hybrid disguised as a dinosaur movie entitled Jurassic World.


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