Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yet Another Animated Feature

Nestled among news regarding developments on a famous live-action franchise, there was something else.

‘Transformers’ Writers Room Wraps: Akiva Goldsman Scripting ‘T5,’ Animated Film By ‘Ant-Man’ Scribes Barrer & Ferrari

It’s pencils down for the Transformers Writers Room; the experiment has concluded and the early results are in. Akiva Goldsman has walked away with a concrete blueprint to write a Transformers sequel for Mark Wahlberg to star in for Michael Bay to direct, with production starting in June.

Ant-Man scribes Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari will head off and write an animated feature, an origin story that focuses on Cybertron, the planet from which the good and bad Transformer robots hail.

Michael Bay communicates that a T5 story hasn't yet been agreed on, but forget Transformers the Fifth for a second. Let's focus on the animated feature-length origin story. When is that going to happen?

And where is it going to happen? ILM has done the extensive effects work for previous features, but will it do an animated installment/ And will an animated version get made? Transformers, after all, began life as a hand-drawn TV series decades ago. So a fully animated feature (CGI, we presume) would be returning the franchise to its roots.


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