Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Aardman Beachhead in Big Apple

Per the trades.

UK animation studio Aardman has acquired a majority share in New York-based company Nathan Love in a move that represents the Chicken Run producer’s first production facility outside the UK. The new company will be re-branded Aardman Nathan Love and further establishes Aardman’s commitment to its lucrative advertising business.

“This venture is not about sending work back to the UK. It’s about building a new business in New York for American agencies and we feel we can do this more effectively by being there,” commented Aardman co-founder and exec chairman David Sproxton. “Aardman’s vision is to be the most inspirational animation company in the World, in the eyes of its talent, partners and audiences, for generations to come.” ...

Another indicator that animation stretches around the globe.

Aardman, of course, has collaborated with DreamWorks Animation and Sony on feature animation projects. Chicken Run did well, collecting $224,834,564 against a budget of $45 million. (No Aardman feature since has been that successful.)

But creativity never dies, and now the British company is coming stateside again, this time in the area of commercials. We wish them the best.


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