Friday, September 18, 2015

Meanwhile In the Bottom Half of the Hemisphere ...

Animation studios are combining.

... Sao Paulo-based TV and film production shingle Glaz has merged with Rio-based animation facility, Copa Studio.

The new holding, dubbed Glaz, is fueled by a seven-figure investment from Investimage 1, a fund that operates under Brazil’s tax incentive system, Funcine, created in November 2003.

The two companies’ combined expertise and robust financing is projected to drive their growth by 150% by 2017.

According to Glaz CEO Mayra Lucas, two feature toons are underway: “Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids,” a spinoff of Glaz’s hit series “Haunted Tales” for Cartoon Network Latin America, and “Trunk Train,” a spinoff of the eponymously titled series. ...

Though it's easy to forget, thee are viable animation studios girdling the globe, many turning out regional hits that Americans never hear about.

Down below the Pixars, Disneys and Blue Sky Studios on the "worldwide grosses" ladder, any number of foreign companies do quite well making cartoons. They don't earn the money that our fine, North American conglomerates do, but they serve their local markets and make their owners a tidy sum of cash.


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