Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The Disney TVA hit is kind of an anomaly ...

The series is a CG animated half-hour, a format that's blockbuster on theater screens but often underperforms on television.

The fact that it contains musical numbers and an adorable princess likely helps boost it with small fry, but kids don't care if their television cartoons are computer generated or not, and CG is a lot more expensive to produce than the traditional product. (Disney is making a hand-drawn TV version of the computer-generated Tangled, and DreamWorks has made a hand-drawn version of Turbo.)

The show, now in its fourth season and going strong, set records with its premiere, becoming the all-time champ with kids 2-5 and girls 2-5. Having a seasoned crew of artists, many who have worked in animation since the '70s and 80s, is another large plus.


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