Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Collateral Damage

The evacuation of Disney buildings on Flower Street (Glendale), looking east from the Marvel Animation parking lot.

This just in:

The Glendale headquarters of KABC-TV has been evacuated after a man called police and said there are “several bombs” in the building at 500 Circle Seven Drive. Glendale Police police information officer Tawny Lightfoot said they received a call at 1:52 PM that said ABC7 received a bomb threat. “Police are in the process of searching the building right now,” she said. “The building was evacuated and there were approximately two to four buildings were voluntarily evacuated. We have dogs on scene; at this point, we have not located any suspicious devices.” ...

Marvel Animation is a few hundred yards from the bomb threat site (KABC) and all MA employees were instructed to "go home." Which they did.

DreamWorks Animation, a block away, was told by Glendale Police (so we're told) that employees there were in the clear, and that an e-mail was sent out to that effect. So.... No evacuations at DWA.


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