Monday, September 21, 2015

WGA Election Results

The Writers Guild holds a new officer election.

... Howard Rodman has been elected President of the WGA West, handily defeating former board member Joan Meyerson by a 2-1 margin (1,557 votes to 749 votes). Rodman, who had been the guild’s Vice President, succeeds Chris Keyser, who was precluded by guild rules from seeking a third term. ...

Getting tough with the companies in 2017 was a major part of his campaign, telling members in his candidate statement that all the guilds need to work together in future contract talks. “In our last negotiation we worked more closely with our sister guilds, in particular the DGA, than at any time in recent memory. Yet the companies negotiate as one, bargaining with each of us in turn – and the first deal reached is often imposed as ‘the pattern.’ ...

From what I can tell, Mr. Rodman holds a harder line than the last couple of WGA(w) Presidents, and looks more willing to take in the AMPTP.

In my experience, Writers Guild militancy comes in waves. There was a lot of militancy in the Reagan era, with a strike every three years (which makes sense; the contracts are up every three years). Then there was a 19 year stretch where no strikes happened The last job action was in 2007, so maybe the WGA has reached a point in the cycle when a labor strike is a distinct possibility.

We'll find out in 2017.


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