Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Women in Another IATSE Guild

Dave Robb tells us:

... IATSE Cinematographers Guild Local 600's national officers are all men. ... Both the American Society of Cinematogrpahers and the Cinematographers Guild, however, have been trying to bring more women into the business, and have been promoting those already here. The guild recently took out a trade add touting its 1,100 female members – about 15% of its membership – and has a Diversity Committee dedicated to raising diversity issues and encouraging producers to hire more women and minorities. ...

In today's L.A. animation industry, 21% of employees in guild shops are women. This is 4% higher than the employment rate in 2012. So we're in the same ballpark, though a smidge higher, than the cinematographers.

In 2015, with the cartoon business booming, these figures are a little bit discouraging, even though they're moving in a good direction.


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