Tuesday, January 31, 2012

At Disney Sonora

Not a studio of the Mouse that resides in Mexico, but a two-story building in Glendale California. ...

I went through the place this morning, and Gravity Falls (a series in development) moves briskly along, most of the Phineas and Ferb crew is on hiatus for a month (or soon to go there) and awaiting the new season, and Kick buttowski is winding to a close.

Meantime, Diz Co. has made moves to create a bigger footprint in India.

US media giant Disney announced on Tuesday it will take a controlling interest in India's leading television producer, UTV, and delist the Indian media and entertainment group.

"Increasing our brand presence and reach in key international markets is a cornerstone of our growth strategy," Disney International chairman Andy Bird said in a statement.

"This acquisition expands our footprint significantly and allows us to more effectively build, monetize and brand multi-platform franchises, and deliver a rich library of content to the world's second largest population," he added.

UTV, which has interests from film and television to gaming and animation, has already acquired public shareholders' approval to delist the company's shares from Indian stock exchanges, after buying out the respective stakes. ...

Walt's Place. Forever on the march.


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