Thursday, January 05, 2012

Motion Picture Nursing Home Roadblock

A couple of years back, the Motion Picture and Television Fund was on the brink of closing its nursing care facility out in Woodland Hills, and a firestorm broke out. Friends and relatives of nursing care residents went ballistic that their loved ones were being shunted to new facilities. Soon after, a lot of meetings and letter writing came about over the problem, and changes at the MPTF happened.

Including the retention of the Motion Picture and Television Fund's nursing facility. Now, however, there have been some new bumps in the road ...

After months of negotiations, the Motion Picture & Television Fund is close to finalizing a deal with Kindred Healthcare of Louisville, Ky., to invest in and provide long-term acute care services at the Woodland Hills complex that includes the nursing home.

Under the proposed agreement, Kindred would invest $10 million to remodel an existing hospital building and would lease hospital and rehabilitation beds from the fund. That would give much needed revenue to the fund, which provides various social and healthcare services to entertainment industry workers.

But the signing of the deal, which was originally expected to be completed by the end of 2011, has been delayed by uncertainty over whether Congress will extend a moratorium on the building of long-term acute care facilities. ...

People who have followed this drama might be asking: "Hey. Wasn't this solved already?"

The answer to that is. "Yes, everyone thought so." There was a deal in place with Providence Health and Services, but that deal ultimately fell through.

So now here we are, with a new deal that is waiting for Congress to get off the dime.


Anonymous said...

I just fired off a letter to my Congresswoman and Senators. I'm sure the death panels (aka the "Insurance Companies) and the gNOp will ruin and lie about it like they've done everything else.

Americans need UNIVERSAL, PORTABLE HEALTH CARE! Single Payer.

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