Monday, January 30, 2012

Tomorrow's membership meeting ...

... will feature a panel on a controversial and important topic, hosted by TAG vice-president NATHAN LOOFBOURROW.

Motion capture, known to some as “The Devil's Rotoscope”, is here to stay, but handmade keyframe animation is still alive and well! When used as a tool in the animator's arsenal, how can motion capture help us produce better performances? Head of Character Animation and Department Chair JASON REISIG and Character TD Supervisor JEFF LIGHT, both currently at DreamWorks Animation, discuss how access to a motion capture studio can benefit the animator, even when committed to producing animation by hand.


Tuesday, January 31

Pizza & refreshments, 6:30 pm * Meeting, 7 pm

1105 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank

Between Chandler and Magnolia

Link to map


Excessive work hours and overtime: An ongoing discussion

Discussion of upcoming contract negotiations

Panel discussion: Motion capture for real animators


Anonymous said...

Apparently Jason and Jeff have both drank Katenburg's kool-aid and will be putting on the dog and pony show about "How great Mo-cap is" to a keyframe-based feature animation studio.
Seriously? How is this *not* a monumental waste of time and money if you're throwing it out and keyframing stuff?

I wish Dreamworks was as cutting edge and experimental in developing *stories* as they think they are with Technology.

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