Wednesday, November 05, 2014

At Disney TVA

I spent a chunk of my afternoon at Disney TVA - Yahoo, not to be confused with Disney TVA Sonora.

(Disney Yahoo is in Media Center North, a block from the Burbank/Bob Hope Airport. Disney TVA Sonora is Television Animation's mothership, located in Glendale near (coincidentally) what used to be Grand Central Airport ... which vanished decades and decades ago). ...

Disney TVA Yahoo has a lot of development going on. Although The 7D remains on hiatus, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sophie the First are going strong. Jake is likely in its last season, while Sophie the First has a lot more episodes in its future.

Penn Zero: Part Time Hero continues in work, as does newcomer Lion Guard.

Guard had a bunch of cool decorations in its section of the building; an envious staffer on another show said: "How come they've got money for all that neat stuff?"

Another employee said: "We had money in our budget for wall hangings too. We just spent it on other things."


I received a lot of questions about other work going on around town, also questions about the Vanguard 401(k) and the oncoming Roth component. Artists know there's a continuing wave of cartoon production in town, and they want to know who's doing what. (I mentioned that Cartoon Network has new shows ramping up.)

It's always useful to know where different life rafts are floating if you have to jump ship. ... Or get pushed overboard.


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