Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cartoon Reads

We don't do the linkfest thing very much these days, but since it's the kick-off of the holiday season, what the hey.

Nick's Golden Age ... when all was new and cutting edge.

The VFX extravaganza on the new Moses movie. (But Hollywood has been making exodus movies, and doing special effects, for a while now.)

Cartoon Network makes a political statement ... then thinks better of it.

Warners develops a holographic bat cave.

The Wanted 18 is likely the first documentary ever made to use a lot of claymation.

And Cartoon Brew publishes another chapter of "Mouse in Transition". ...

And as your Thanksgiving holiday comes to an end, go out and do something dramatic. Like part the Red Sea.

Yes, this link festival IS a homage to Cecil B. DeMille.


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