Saturday, November 01, 2014


The trades report:

... Producer and head writer John Semper Jr. gathered up his cast for a reunion panel Saturday for a discussion 20 years in the making. He's previously avoided talking about the series Spider-Man: The Animated Series, but said he'll dedicate the next year to honoring its memory. ...

Semper revealed that the cast (including J. Jonah Jameson himself Ed Asner) has agreed to reunite for an upcoming project they plan on using crowdfunding to finance. The animated project would be titled Rocket Men, which would harken back to retro-pulp style of something like The Rocketeer. ...

There have been numerous incarnations of Spider-Man, the animated character. He was a cartoon in the 1960s, and a cartoon in most of the decades since. He's been done as a CG and traditionally-drawn super-hero. Most recently he's been a mainstay on Disney XD as Ultimate Spider-Man, produced at Film Roman (in Burbank) rather than Marvel Animation (in Glendale).

Separate and apart from Spider-Man: The Animated Series (referenced above), the question of another season for Ultimate Spider-Man has cropped up.

A few weeks back, nobody I talked to knew if there would be more episodes ordered ... or if those episodes would be done at Film Roman. But at the end of last week, one of my spies and stoolies (who admittedly might be wrong) said that one more season was going to happen and it would be produced at Film Roman.

Here's hoping.


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