Monday, November 10, 2014

Official Announcements

As the press release says:

Fresh off the box office success of “Big Hero 6,” Walt Disney Animation Studios is unveiling the next wave of films it hopes will extend its recent hot streak.

The studio will field its fox-on-the-run film “Zootopia” on March 4, 2016, and and will sail the high seas adventure “Moana” into theaters on Nov. 23, 2016. ...

Now that the cat stamped "approved" is out of the bag, we can finally talk about projects that decorate the inside of the Hat Building and which, stupidly, I forget haven't been officially announced.

This leads to problems, Like, when I mention a title that is out there in Fan-land, and there are websites shouting about it all over the internet, invariably I get a phone call from Disney saying "We haven't officially announced this yet."

Which (whoops!) slips my mind. Because I see the name cropping up hither and yon, and figure (wrongly): "Okay, it's out and known now."

So I'm glade when the trades trumpet a press release that announces and animated feature. It means I can stop walking on eggs.


Stephen said...

It's amazing how many original (by which I mean not a sequel, they might be adapted) animated projects Disney is doing now. I remember when Pixar was the original one.

Grant said...

the avengers movies, the thor movies, the iron man movies, frozen 2, wreck it ralph 2, pete's dragon AND dumbo remakes.

Yeah, they're doing them. And have done a lot more.

I hope some of them are good. I hope all of them make money.

Grant said...

tinkerbell 1-500, planes 1-3.....

Alex Dudley said...

That's the great thing about WDAS, they've only released three sequels (Three Caballeros to Saluduos Amigos, Rescuers Down Under and Fantasia 2000) in their entire history, and for the most part I hope it stays that way.

BUt it's kind of lame you couldn't talk about either Moana or Zootopia. Both were mentioned back at D23 last year.

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