Sunday, November 09, 2014

International Box Office

There's lot of animation at the top of the Big List. Some of it is 100% pure, some is embedded in the live-action movies.

Weekend Foreign Box Office -- (World Totals)

Interstellar -- $80,000,000 -- ($132,151,453)

Big Hero 6 -- $7,600,000 -- ($79,200,000)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- $17,300,000 -- ($464,066,517)

Dracula Untold -- $6,400,000 -- ($202,583,855)

And the trade press tells us:

... Interstellar was seen by 10.7 million folks across several continents this weekend, who shelled out an amazing $80 million on over 14,600 screens. Warner Bros., which is handling foreign on the Christopher Nolan space odyssey, is banging the drum that the film’s returns are on par with Gravity. ...

Big Hero 6 racked up an estimated $7.6 million in its third weekend from 17 territories. Russia has the motherload of the foreign take counting $18.2 million from Big Hero 6’s $23 million overseas total (worldwide stands at $79.2 million). Big Hero 6 also holds the record in Russia as being the second biggest Disney-Pixar toon release of all-time. No. 1s were hit in the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. ...

Universal’s Dracula Untold didn’t just suck blood, but dollars, flying past the double century mark with an estimated worldwide take of $202.6m. Dracula counted $6.4m off 5,200 in 61 territories with an overseas B.O. of $147.7m. ...

The Book of Life was filled with lots of money, counting $3.5m off 2,522 in 17 holdover markets for a running estimated foreign take of $35.2m. ... [World cume: $79,715,000]

The Boxtrolls took the crown for being the highest grossing Laika film ever internationally, counting a cume of $51.6m and catapulting the stop-motion-CGI film past the $100 million mark. ... [World cume: $100,460,159]

Happily, there seems to be no shortage of enthusiasm for animated movies around the globe. I guess people haven't hit their "I'm tired of this cartoon stuff" threshold.


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