Friday, November 28, 2014


An indie moves deeper into the animation game (with the aid of Framestore):

... Paddington the film is, by some margin, Studiocanal’s most ambitious project ever. (See trailer below.) In addition to cementing its position as Europe’s leading film company, Paddington represents a strategic entry into the family space for Studiocana

As the divide between animated features and everything else grows narrower and narrower, it makes since for a stand-alone movie company to take the plunge with a hybrid movie.

The next step, of course, for Framestore to take the plunge into full-bore animation itself. Isn't that what Digital Domain was attempting to do when the clock ran out?


Alan Krows said...

Framestore took the full-bore plunge some years back with The Tale of Despereaux, for Universal before there was Illumination, if memory serves.

Steve Hulett said...

Was that them? They haven't stuck with it, have they?

Alan Krows said...

No, they haven't stuck with it...looks like VFX work for diverse clients has been more profitable for Framestore since Despereaux.

F. Kousac said...

Too bad neither despereaux nor paddington are very good films. paddington, in particular, was a hyper slapstick snore fest, with no charm. Most of the folks at the previewI was at politely waddled out without saying much. Can't blame frame store, of course. But then again, creating vfx is not the same as creating an animated feature. Their work for hire is fine.

Mesterius said...

It makes since? Since when? ;)

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