Thursday, November 20, 2014

Render Stress

A topic often discussed.

... The 4K revolution is proving to be a stumbling block for the animated market, as it not only puts a strain on the limitations of the machines that are currently used in the production, but they also could cause the production teams to run into delays with the time it takes to actually make the movie.

To be more specific, animated films are currently running at 2k resolution and 24 frames per second, and the higher end that filmmakers like Peter Jackson are pushing for run at 4K resolution, and at least 48 frames per second. ...

[T]he resolution of current animation projects would have to be bumped up by at least 2.5 times. Increased resolution means increased memory needs, which means that the render farms ... need to grow accordingly. ...

One thing to bump up resolution and the number of frames with CG animation. But consider hand-drawn features done the old-fashioned way. They go to 48 frames per second, that's one hell of a lot of additional drawings.


Matthew said...

4K resolution at 48 frames per second is kinda pointless beyond if what you are trying to do is mainly to sell 3D i-Max tickets at $25 a pop, rather than the actual story and the magical moving series of hand made illustrations that present that story to an audience in a way they don't see every day.

You can leave 4K resolutions & 48 frames per second for the Porn Industry. That & Peter Jackson getting off to milking his borrowed franchise of book adaptation films.

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