Friday, November 07, 2014

Let's Marvel at Disney

One more red hot opening:

Disney’s “Big Hero 6″ has taken the lead spot at this weekend’s box office, heading for a finish as high as $66 million — enough to top a still-impressive launch in the $56 million range by Paramount’s “Interstellar,” according to Friday estimates.

Early numbers show both titles performing up to lofty expectations with “Interstellar” winning Friday with $20 million, followed by around $18 million for “Big Hero 6.” Saturday projections were showing “Hero” jumping to $28 million with “Interstellar” coming in around $22 million.

The lowest estimates for “Big Hero 6″ were coming in between $55 million and $60 million so the race could turn out to be a nail-biter by the end of the weekend. ...

Looks to me like audiences have grown weary of cartoons.



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