Sunday, November 23, 2014

Your World Box Office

Our friends at Rentrak tell us how the animation is doing around the globe.

Weekend Foreign Box Office -- (World Cumes)

Hunger Games -- $152,000,000 -- ($275,000,000)

Interstella -- $70,000,000 -- ($449,692,067)

Big Hero 6 -- $7,000,000 -- ($185,208,069)

Penguins of Madagascar -- $8,700,000 -- ($23,300,000)

Dracula Untold -- $2,100,000 -- ($212,636,020) ...

The trade press details international grosses:

... Playing on about 17,560 screens in 64 territories, Christopher Nolan’s space epic Interstellar is tracking 13% ahead of the studio’s Gravity and 10% ahead of the director’s own 2010 Inception at the same point in release. ....

Mockingjay will be the weekend winner internationally after spreading its wings to take in $152M in 85 markets. ... In its 2nd China frame, Penguins Of Madagascar played on 3,474 screens and came in 3rd, behind Interstellar and local title Rise Of The Legend. It earned an estimated $8.7M for a $23.3M cume; just a 20% drop off the first frame. ...

Disney’s Big Hero 6 had no new openings this weekend, but earned $7M in its 5th session for an offshore cume that is now $49.5M. Playing in 23 markets, 19% of its international footprint, the inflatable giant is the bigget Disney/Pixar release of all-time in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Russia leads the pack of overseas territories with $19.5M, followed by Mexico at $9.9M. ...


Steve Hulett said...

Ah, I can see Brando now, down on his knees with hands on head, bellowing Interstella!

What is it with me and g.d. TYPOS?

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