Monday, January 31, 2011

Boyd Kirkland, 1950-2011

Director, writer and producer BOYD KIRKLAND died on January 28 at the age of sixty, while awaiting a lung transplant. He was perhaps best known for his work on Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men.

Since 1978 he worked for Marvel, Hanna-Barbera, Disney, Living Scriptures Inc., Ruby-Spears, Warners, Graz Entertainment, TMS, Young Sung, New World, Box Office Originals, Tom T Animation, Universal, Adelaide, Crest Animation, Cartoon Network and Film Roman.

UPDATE: Services tomorrow, Tuesday, February 1, viewing from 10-11 am with the ceremony immediately following at 11 am-noon.

LDS Church Building, 27050 Sand Canyon Road in Canyon Country.


Vincent Waller said...

Terrible News.

Anonymous said...

I take it this is California?

Jeff Massie said...

Yes ... Canyon Country, CA, east of Santa Clarita.

Bud Durand said...

Do you have any info of his birth day, so I can update his IMDB file?

Marc McKenzie said...

Sad news indeed...just saw this over at John Byrne's site, and I'm stunned.

I met him several years ago at an event at a local Warner Bros. store (remember those?) and it was great to meet and talk to him. I never realized that he had done so much work; his work on B:TAS was where I first heard of him and took notice.


Unknown said...

Boyd was born 11/4/1950 and passed away 1/27/2011

Brent Anschultz said...

Yes, it is very sad what happened. I am a close friend of one of his sons and I went to his funeral today. If you want/need any info, I can probably get it.

Eric Semones said...

A very sad day indeed. I've worked with Boyd since the
days he was doing his magic in Salt Lake City running XAM productions. We've lost a consummate and true professional in the animation industry. Working with
Boyd was a pleasure and a lesson. His critiques and
suggestions to improve a show taught me legions.
I will miss his friendship. When you have lunch and
have a Boyd Kirkland story, toast with a diet Pepsi and
a slice of lemon, his favorite.

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