Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Brian McEntee Interview -- Part I

TAG Interview with Brian McEntee

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What do you do to top being Art Director on Beauty and the Beast? ....

You art direct the first Ice Age.

Brian McEntee, layout artist, art director, color stylist and writer, talks about leaving Cal Arts to start an animation career at Disney, riding the cresting wave of feature animation in the early nineties, then moving to Blue Sky Animation to work on the first hit CGI feature from Twentieth Century Fox.

As per always, the interview is in two parts: one listenable fragment today, and one tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding interview. Brian is one of the very few people in the business who truly "gets" the "big picture" when it comes to putting a picture together. And so incredibly talented.

Mike said...


Cj Berg said...

This is a great interview. Who is the interviewer? Has a great voice, sounds like Dick VanDyke.

Steve Hulett said...

Some guy named Steve Hulett

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