Friday, January 07, 2011

The Follow Up To Tangled

Obviously an action film. Obviously with sado-masochistic overtones.

And I say $200 million, domestic.


Floyd Norman said...

(Deep announcer type voice)
"He's back! And this time its personal!"

Mike said...

Jackass - the animated version.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyment for furries and masochists guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

This will not make 200 mil domestic. Its a cute kids cartoon, but for the 13 and under crowd only. My guess is 85 mil domestic.

And while its technically a follow-up to Tangled from the studio, its not from the same crew.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it has very little budget (35 million dollars) and Pooh is a very popular caracter in the overseas market so yeah, it may not break 200 mil, but that really depends on the word of mouth.

If the word of mouth is really good (like the one that Tangled had) Disney might have another unexpected surprise hit in their hands.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious - it doesn't bother anyone that Piglet is essentially saying "oh shit"?

Anonymous said...


It's not 1950. Its cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it bothers the subset of the population that must briskly fan themselves whenever such heated language is encountered.

They're the ones in the hoop skirts with two petticoats underneath.

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