Monday, January 03, 2011

Great News for Starfish Lovers

The media announces an important happening:

"SpongeBob SquarePants" has been renewed for a ninth season.

... Nickelodeon, which airs the popular animated children's television program, has ordered 26 episodes, which also includes the series' 200th episode. ...

I congratulate the crew for the first eight seasons. There has been carping about a falloff in quality, but I think it's best to ignore the carpers. The show's artists and directors know how to turn out a program that a large number of people watch, and that is no small feat.

So salutations to the folks who've made Sponge Bob a cartoon icon. What with the renewal, pretty soon now they'll be moving into Yellow Family territory.


Anonymous said...

The only carping I've read about concerns the show's scripting. With which carping I fully agree. It sucks now. But what the hell, the show's for kids.

Brubaker said...

It didn't seem that long ago when "Rugrats" was Nick's big thing. This renewal means that it's going to exceed the talking babies' run (172 episodes, not counting its spin-offs).

Anonymous said...

it's not 'scripted', although it does feel that way now. predictable, ie - scripted, ie, 'written', ie, 'planned out for execs, ie, 'no longer surprising'.

ie, no longer taking risks, as shows do after jobs, reputations, and money take a front seat to quality. it's no longer the exciting table to watch on the floor. not much is in tv animation lately. there is a glut.

tv animation has, for better or worse, become a flight to safety as the rest of live action hollywood tv runs for cover as profits and audiences shrink. and in a flight to safety, formulas rule!

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