Monday, January 17, 2011

January Linkage

Now with Add Ons.

A linked reading list of animation topics, beginning with:

Disney/DreamWorks writer goes to Canada to script Canadian-Korean feature The Nut Job ...

Frances McDormand signs on for voice work on Madagascar 3. ...

L.A Times' Plot Spoiler:

"... most of the original [Cars] centered on Radiator Springs and its motley, motorized population; ... the sequel Lightning ventures to Europe and Japan to compete in the first World Grand Prix. ... "Mater has never been out of Radiator Springs," says [supervising animator Shawn] Krause. "We thought of him like Woody from 'Cheers.' He's not stupid, he's simple, sincere and childlike."

Steve Jobs announced to his employees:

That he will take an indefinite leave of absence from the company to focus on his health. ... While Jobs did not address specific health reasons, many experts say it's likely that his leave is related to his ongoing treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Two Singapore animation studios -- Storm Lion and Egg Story Creative Production -- close down. (Happens to the best of them.)

DWA's Tim Johnson gives details on How to Train Your Dragon's sequel and upcoming series:

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a much bigger movie. Everyone is already terrified of pulling off the movie. [Director Dean DeBlois] had a big pitch two weeks ago and now we’re trying to figure out how we’re going to pull off that story.

You're to the middle of the workweek. Press on.

Add On: Don Rickles talks Potato Head:

John Lasseter came to me, down in our home at the beach, Malibu, and said, you’re going to be Mr. Potato Head. It was that simple. I said, oh come on, I don’t do cartoons ...

Add On Again: LeBron James and his Alter Egos Star in an Internet Animated Series -- The cartoon series, called “The LeBrons” and planned for a spring debut on its own YouTube channel and Mr. James’s Web site,, will revive the characters from a popular series of Nike commercials ...

You're now past the middle of the workweek. Rejoice.


Anonymous said...

Two Singapore animation studios -- Storm Lion and Egg Story Creative Production -- close down. (Happens to the best of them.)

Wait, that can't happen! Don't they know that all the work is going overseas, that only California studios close down, that Asia is the new promised land?

The funny thing is, the failure rate of studios in India and China and the rest of Asia is even higher than it is over here, but still people want to hold to the notion that American studios are bloated, unproductive dinosaurs, and that Asia is the future. This is just more evidence that the situation is far less simple than many people want to make it.

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