Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Sito Afternoon -- Part II

(Above, Tom Sito's history of the animation biz.)

We continue now with our conversation with Mr. Sito ...

TAG Interview with Tom Sito

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In addition to his work in Cartoonland, Tom is a historian, book author, and college prof.

Teaching at the University of Southern California since 1994, he is currently a professor in the motion picture department. (Just so you know, Tom hasn't stopped his work in animation. We caught him at his desk at Warner Bros. Animation a few weeks ago, where he was boarding on the latest Coyote and Roadrunner epic.)

And did we mention that, in between everything else, Tom spent nine years being President of this organization?

Busy man, that Mr. Sito.

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Floyd Norman said...

Another high energy interview with Tom Sito that truly made my day. Thanks to both of you for a great job.

I find the lack of response to these great interviews puzzling. I guess nobody responds these days unless they're pissed off about something.

I suppose I should welcome the peace while it last.

Steve Hulett said...

All these interviews will be going up on the Animation Guild site.

People don't need to comment, just listen.

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