Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mark Kirkland Converses -- Part I

It's doubtful that Mr. Mark Kirkland envsioned himself directing episodes of the television show entitled "The Simpsons" two decades after starting, but that turns out to be what he has done ...

TAG Interview with Mark Kirkland

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Mark has helmed, as of this writing, sixty-seven half-hours featuring Springfield's yellow family. With luck, there will be sixty-seven more.

We sat down with Mark at his abode to record the latest of our oral histories spotlighting stalwarts of modern American animation.

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Floyd Norman said...

It was one of my best days at seventies Hanna-Barbera when this young man joined my layout crew.

He was a talent then - and remains one today. I can't tell you how proud I am of him and the things he's accomplished.

His dad, Douglas Kirkland, is a damn good photographer as well.

Anonymous said...

Floyd Norman, it was certainly one of my best days when i joined your layout crew. Although I know we did work hard, I mostly remember how much laughter we shared. You were --and still are--an inspiration to me!

--Mark Kirkland

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