Sunday, January 30, 2011

RIP, Tony Geiss

The man who created the animated feature that triggered far more sequels than Shrek or anything else has passed on.

Tony Geiss, the writer and lyricist who helped give life to the animated characters on Sesame Street, died Jan. 21 in Valhalla, NY at the age of 86. ... Geiss also wrote for a number of popular films geared toward young audiences, including The Land Before Time, the popular 1988 animated film about orphaned dinosaurs, several of its direct-to-video sequels and Steven Spielberg’s 1986 children’s movie An American Tail.

Mr. Geiss helped a lot of animation artists have long careers in the Big Black Tower at Universal, where a long string of Land B4 Time direct-to-video features were turned out for a lot of years.


Jerry Beck said...

Tony was the son of Alec Geiss who was a story and layout man at Fleischer Studios, an animator at Disney (Pinocchio, Bambi) and a director at Columbia/Screen Gems in the 40s.

alexgill said...

He was great.

I work on one of Sesame Street's international co-productions, and he gave us a "Sesame Street writing" course. The man was very generous and funny.

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