Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 2011 Derby

Now with life-affirming Add On.

No animation in the Top Ten, but Tangled and the Yogster hover just below the upper slots ...

1) The Green Hornet -- $11.1 million

2) The Dilemma -- $6.1 million

3) True Grit -- $3.2 million ...

11) Yogi Bear -- $1 million

12) Tangled -- $825,000

Interesting/amusing Rumour Factoid: A good friend of mine recently attended a screening where he overhead a big-time Hollywood director saying:

"Lots of weather and shooting problems on 'True Grit' ... Paramount didn't like the version the Coen brothers turned in and recut the picture. Coens didn't like what the studio did, but Paramount released it anyway and the movie's a hit ..."

Add On: The Reporter and B.O. Mojo give us the weekend numbers:

Sony's 3D The Green Hornet grossed an estimated $34 million from 3,584 theaters over the weekend to nab the second-best opening ever for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. ...

Ron Howard's new comedy had an under-powered opening, but the animation's hung in there real good. The Yogster dropped a measly 19.5% percent and grossed $5,345,000, and Tangled did almost as well, dropping 22.7% while raking in almost $4 million.

Yogi Bear -- $82,095,000

Tangled -- $180,977,000


Anonymous said...

Weird rumour, considering the Coens typically have final cut on their films.

Steve Hulett said...

Because of the source.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the 4 day numbers, both Yogi and Tangled are in the top ten.

But of course, you were basing it gestimates based only on FRIDAY NUMBERS, as I warn folks against doing Every Single Week.

How hard it is to figure this out? These are cartoons. Cartoons skew toward the daytime showings more than the rest of the field.

Monday numbers alone, Tangled is number seven in the top ten, and Yogi is number 5.

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